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London Hello! Today I’m your guide. I want to tell you about London. London is the capital of the UK. London is a very big and beautiful city. London has many places to visit: museums, art galleries, theatres, cinemas, stadiums, parks. Let’s begin our excursion.

Big Ben We begin our excursion from Big Ben. Tourists in London has always wanted to visit Westminster and see Big Ben. They want to see the clock in its tower and to hear the bells. Big Ben is really a bell and you hear it every hour. You can hear it’s deep tone on the radio. Now let’s go to Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey is a symbol of England. The legend says that Westminster Abbey was founded by St Peter himself. We know that Westminster Abbey was built by King Edward in 1065. The coronation of all British Kings and Queens takes place in Westminster Abbey. The funeral service for Diana, Princess of Wales, took place in Westminster Abbey in September 1997. Now we are going to the Houses of Parliament.

Houses of Parliament The Houses of Parliament stand near the famous clock Big Ben. The country’s leaders speak in the Houses of Parliament. The men and women there are the voice of British people. Now let’s get on the bus. We are going to Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Queen. The daily ceremony of the Changing of the Guards takes place in its courtyard. The palace was built in 1703 by Duke of Buckingham. Now let’s get on the bus, we are going to Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square is the geographical centre of London. It was named in memory of Admiral Nelson’s victory in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The tall Nelson’s Column stands in the middle of the square. Now we are going to Tower by bus.

Tower You can see Tower of London from the river Thames. The Tower is very old. Now the King and the Queen of Britain don’t live in the Tower. Let’s walk to MOMI and enjoy London’s streets and avenues.

MOMI The Museum of the Moving image was a very interesting museum in London last century. Every one enjoyed their visit to MOMI. There were hundreds of clips from films and TV programs. Visitors took an active part. You can act in Hollywood Western, select a film to watch, or even aw own cartoon film. During your visit you could also meet characters from the past. It was both interesting and good fun. Now let’s go to Madame Tussaud’s.

Madame Tussaud’s It is one of the sights of London. It’s the famous waxworks museum which has one of the largest collections of wax models in the world. You can meet great characters of history and art. Here actors, film stars, pop singers, and sportsmen come face to face with famous politicians. There is a special place for the Queen’s family: the Queen, her husband, their children and other members of the Royal family. I hope you enjoyed my excursion.

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— is the capital of the United Kingdom»)

Wales ? ? ? ? Great Britain

London has got 162 interesting places. Here are some of them Big Ben Interesting places of London

The square was originally called Charing. Later it became known as Charing Cross, after a memorial cross on the square. The nearby underground station — is still named Charing Cross. TRAFALGAR SQUARE

The new design for a large square was done by the architect Sir Charles Barry, who is best known for his Houses of Parliament. TRAFALGAR SQUARE

In the center of the square there is the tall Nelson’s Column.It was built to commemorate the victory of Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson over the French fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805. Nelson was fatally wounded during that famous battle off the Spanish coast TRAFALGAR SQUARE

Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official and main royal London home. It has been the official London residence of Britain’s monarchy since 1837. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to live there. BUCKINGHAM PALACE

The Queen has other homes too including Windsor Castle and A flag on the Palace means that the Queen is at home. Balmoral in Scotland.

Changing of the Guard is a colorful ceremony when a new guard exchanges duty with the old guard. It lasts 30 minutes. The Guard at Buckingham Palace is called The Queen’s Guard and is devided into two divisions: the Buckingham Palace Division and the St. James’s Palace Division. CHANGING OF THE GUARD

The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster is named Saint Stephen’s Tower. It is known as the Big Ben. The tower is one of London’s most famous landmarks. BIG BEN

The clock inside the tower was the world’s largest when it was put in the middle of the 19th century. The name Big Ben refers to the clock’s hour bell, the largest of the clock’s five bells. The clock was the largest in the world and is still the largest in Great-Britain. The clock faces have a diameter of almost 25ft (7.5m). BIG BEN

St. Paul’s Cathedral has had an eventful history. Five different churches were built at this site. The first church of the apostle Paul, dates back to 604 AD when King Ethelbert of Kent built a wooden church. At the end of the 7th century, the church was built in stone by Erkenwald, Bishop of London. ST.PAUL’S CATHEDRAL

In 962 and again in 1087, the cathedral was destroyed by fire, but each time it was rebuilt. By that time, it had become one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. The dome is 111 meters (366 ft) high and 66,000 ton in weight . Eight arches support the dome. On top of the dome is a large lantern . The architect of the present cathedral is Sir Christopher Wren. ST.PAUL’S CATHEDRAL

The Houses of Parliament

The name ‘Piccadilly’ originates from a 17th century frilled collar named piccalilli. Roger Baker, a tailor who became rich making piccadils lived in the area. The word ‘Circus’ refers to the round square. PICCADILLY CIRCUS

In 1880-ies the square became a busy traffic junction. This made Piccadilly Circus attractive for advertisers, who installed London’s first illuminated billboards here in 1895. For some time the square was surrounded by billboards, creating London’s version of Times Square, but currently only one building still carries large displays. PICCADILLY CIRCUS

THE TOWER OF LONDON The Tower of London was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1066. It is a very big castle. It is the oldest place in London. It was a castle, a zoo, a prison and a museum.

THE TOWER OF LONDON The Tower of London is closely associated with many important events in English history. Many notable people lost their head here. The most famous things in the Tower of London are the Crown Jewels. They have the biggest diamond in the world – the «Star of Africa».

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  1. London
  2. The West End
  3. The Queen’s Residence
  4. Big Ben
  5. The East End
  6. Tower of London

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The best place in world!

London is the British capital and one of the biggest cities in the world.

London is situated upon both banks of the River Thames, it is the largest city in Britain and one of the largest in the world.

Its population is about 7 million people.

It consists of three parts: the City of London, the West End and the East End.

The best places of the West End

Here are the historical places as well as the famous parks.

Hyde Park with its Speaker’s Corner is also here.

The Queen’s Residence

The Queen’s Residence was built in 1870 for Samuel Barnard, a vice president of the Paper Company.

The 1700’s the Queen’s Residence was a gift from Henry Ford.

He name Big Ben actually refers not to the clock-tower itself, but to the thirteen ton bell hung within.

The bell was named after the first commissioner of works, Sir Benjamin Hall.

This bell came originally from the old Palace of Westminster, it was given to the Dean of St. Paul’s by William III.

Before returning to Westminster to hang in its present home, it was refashioned in Whitechapel in 1858.

The BBC first broadcast the chimes on the 31st December 1923 — there is a microphone in the turret connected to Broadcasting House.

  • To the east the large area called the East End.
  • This is London’s poorest part.
  • The very large riverside in the East End make London one of the three largest parts in the world.

Founded nearly a millennium ago and expanded upon over the centuries since, the Tower of London has protected the city

Tower of London

It has been the seat of British government and the living quarters of monarchs, the site of renown political intrigue, and the repository of the Crown Jewels.

Tower Bridge has stood over the River Thames in London since 1894 and is one of the finest bridges in the World.

The City of London

The City extends over an area of about 2.6 square kilometres in the heart of London. It is the financial centre of the UK with many banks, offices and Stock Exchange. But the City is also a market for goods of almost every kind, from all parts of the world.

Museums and art galleries of London.

London is very rich in museums and art galleries. If you are fond of painting you’ll go to the Tate Gallery

A rich sugar manufacturer Henry Tate founded it in 1897.

There are about 300 oils and 19000 watercolours and drawings.

The British Museum is the largest and richest of its kind in the world.The present building was built in 1852.

By law a copy of every book, periodical and newspaper, published in Britain must be presented in the British museum.

This collection is so vast that only a very small percentage of it is on show to the public.

The famous places in the London

The original Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by the playing company to which Shakespeare belonged.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul

  • Piccadilly
  • Statue on border the city of London

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