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Cambridge University Press , 2008 — 188 p.

Covers all the most useful collocations (common word combinations) at Advanced level to help make your English more fluent and natural-sounding. A good knowledge of collocations (typical word combinations) is essential for fluent and natural-sounding English, and knowledge of collocations is often tested in advanced level examinations such as Cambridge CAE, CPE and IELTS. English Collocations in Use Advanced presents and practises hundreds of collocations in typical contexts to help you improve your written and spoken English. It also includes tips on learning strategies and ways to avoid common learner errors. The book is informed by the Cambridge International Corpus to make sure that the collocations taught are the most frequent and useful for students at each level. This book includes 60 easy-to-use-two-page units

Acknowledgements 3
Using this book 4
Learning about collocations
1 Introducing collocations
2 Strong, fixed and weak collocations
3 Grammatical categories of collocation
4 Using your dictionary and other resources
5 Finding and working on collocations in texts
6 Register
Varieties of collocations
7 Metaphor
8 Intensifying and softening adverbs
9 Make and verbs that mean make
10 Communicating
11 Collocations with phrasal verbs
Topics: work and study
12 Working life
13 New employment
14 Thoughts and ideas
15 Business reports
16 Customer services
17 Student life
18 Writing essays, assignments and reports
Topics: leisure and lifestyle
19 Social life
20 Talking
21 News
22 Current affairs
23 Festivals and celebrations
24 Advertisements and fashion
25 Traffic and driving
26 Travel and adventure
27 Sport
28 Plans and decisions
29 Film and book reviews
Topics: the modern world
30 Regulations and authority
31 The environment
32 Town and country life
33 Personal finance
34 The economy
35 Social issues
36 Science and technology
37 Health and medicine
38 Criminal justice
39 War and peace
Topics: people
40 Friendship
41 Youth and age
42 Celebrities and heroes
43 Criticising people
44 References
45 Appearance and personality
Basic concepts
46 Time and space
47 Sound
48 Making things easier 4.9 Difficulty
50 Quantity and size
51 Change
52 Stopping and starting
53 Cause and effect
54 Describing groups and amounts
55 Comparing and contrasting
56 Making an effort
57 Social English
58 Discussing issues
59 Negative situations and feelings
60 Positive situations and feelings
Key 126
Index 162

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