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The effect of shape

Although the internal lattice of a crystal – not visible to the naked eye – is fundamental to its energy, its external shape has a bearing too. This outer form does not necessarily reflect the inner structure of a crystal and may subtly affect how energy flows through it. Shapes may be natural or artificially cut. From the Hay House online course.

Healing The Ancestral Line

A guided meditation for ancestral healing to accompany Ancestralite. 78.5 MB

A blast from the past

I’ve just finished an interview on regression for Radio City and realised that not everyone is familiar with the concept of previous lives.

Rainbow Obsidian

A meditation to help you explore your inner depths to release any toxic trash that is holding you back and reveal the previously hidden gifts.

Quartz Journey

Another of my favourite meditations. You can use a single Quartz point or a cluster, or simply tune into this amazing photo taken for my Earth Blessings book. This really is one single cluster.

Amethyst Cave

This is one of my favourite meditations. I have practised it for over forty five years and never tire of it. The cave always expands and takes me to a new part of myself and All That Is.

Judy Hall Crystal and Stone Guardians Telesummit Interview

The Crystalline Soul Experience: Before We can expand into multidimensional awareness we need to heal ourselves, connect to our crystalline soul and its higher purpose. This is your opportunity.

Download MP3 (Approx 10 MB)

The Crop Circle Enigma

This was written for my American publishers, Fairwinds/Quarto Press blogsite as apparently crop circles are rare on the East Coast and they wanted to know all about them. It turned out rather longer than they expected so will be running in several parts. I’ve expanded it a little as writing it put me back in touch with several old friends and some new ones among the crop circle aficionados and I wanted to include what they said, especially one the landscape artists who openly makes circles but who does so with a great reverence for the land.

The Brandenberg journey: Accessing higher dimensions

I’ve been asked by workshop participants for the script for the Brandenberg journey. It changes according to the group but here you can download the basic script.

Many new and even experienced fiction writers find characterisation difficult. Astrology offers a unique and very easy method of creating effective, intriguing, and authentic multi-layered personalities that leap off the page. Astro-characters starts with a guide to creating vibrant, believable characters. The twelve zodiac archetypes then share their intimate secrets, letting the reader into the quirks, flaws and foibles that are so fascinating to readers and essential for a writer. Simply decide whereabouts in the year a character was born, throw in a couple of curved balls, the moon and the rising sign mix them around a little and there you have it. A multi-layered, tailor-made protagonist to fit any plot with no astrological knowledge required. The book tells you everything you need to know.

Torn Clouds features time-traveler Megan McKennar, whose past-life memories thrust themselves into the present day as she traces a love affair that transcends time. Caught up in the dark historical secrets of time.

Рубрика: Книги о психологии

Психология. Новейшее 7-е издание учебника создано усилиями лучших американских специалистов по невербальному общению для подготовки студентов по курсам социальной психологии и связям с общественностью. Книга адресована абсолютно всем, чья профессиональная деятельность связана с общением и межличностными отношениями. Как использовать окружающую среду для повышения качества общения? Междисциплинарный подход к анализу речи и поведения позволяет авторам обратить наше внимание на решение проблем эффективности межличностного взаимодействия. Как невербальные сигналы могут позволить нам проявлять силу и влияние, сохранить идентичность и личную неприкосновенность, получить расположение собеседника в самых сложных жизненных ситуациях? Что такое Невербальное общение? Как овладеть языком тела и умело использовать его сигналы?

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